Don't Get Caught With A Construction Bill You Can't Afford

Choose a homeowners insurance policy in Columbus, GA that's right for you

Your home is most likely the largest investment you will ever make. Every new day brings the potential for unexpected tragedy to strike. Instead of living in fear, know you're protected with the help of Lovern Insurance Agency. Our insurance agent can explain your options for homeowners insurance in Columbus, GA so you can get peace of mind.

When it comes to your home, don't leave anything up to chance. Call 706-494-3998 today to discuss home insurance coverage and premiums.

5 major benefits of homeowners insurance

At Lovern Insurance Agency, we've helped countless families find the coverage they need. Homeowners insurance is extremely beneficial in several ways, such as:

  • Protecting your home from loss - Defend your home against wind, fire, vandalism and tornadoes.
  • Covering personal belongings - The value of stolen or destroyed items can often be reimbursed by your insurance.
  • Protecting your liability - Depending on the coverage you choose, some home insurance policies protect you against a lawsuit from injury on your property.
  • Giving you temporary housing - After a disaster, your insurance policy can help pay for temporary living costs while your home is repaired.
  • Offering peace of mind - Sleep better at night knowing everything you've worked hard to earn can't be lost in a single event.

You can choose the coverage options you want to create a plan that protects your home at an affordable price. Contact us if you have any questions or concerns about your homeowners insurance policy in Columbus, GA.